Think of the perfect pub – a warm and cosy local with your favourite tipple and full of friendly faces!

Now imagine the price that you have paid for your favourite tipple is not lining the pockets of some multi-national beverage company, but instead, is going back into the local community.

Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a pipe dream? Think again – these magical places really do exist. It is a fact that there over 70 community owned pubs in the UK today.

The  Auctioneers Arms has been pulling pints for over 150 years and the surrounding land has provided the community in all sorts of ways.  The people of Caverswall and Cookshill want this to continue.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure to announce that the Caverswall Community Society are aiming to buy The Auctioneers Arms through a community share offer. This is not just about saving a pub, it is about so much more than a pub. This is about creating a community hub and creating necessities for the local community and surrounding area.

What if it is not just about pulling pints? What if we could offer you a tea room, a local shop, a place to meet? This could be YOUR idea, the possibilities are endless…..

There is much more to come, so please get involved here

Think of the perfect pub