MESSEGE FROM STEVE BARTON- Chairman of Staffs Moorlands Branch of CAMRA

Hello Brian,
I have been to a couple of similar events but last night was by far the best.It was well put together and the enthusiasm of both yourself and other members of the ‘committee’ was clearly evident for all to see. Well done to all !
I think it was an excellent turn out from your locals, who are all potential investors and future customers of any reincarnated Auctioneers Arms.
I would like once again to offer my personal support and that of the local CAMRA branch (as long as I am chair) for the long term aim of purchasing the pub and getting it up and running as a successful community led thriving business once again.
I have actively promoted your cause within our membership locally and further afield and have also passed on the details to other individuals and organisations who may be interested in buying shares or offer other bits of practical help to the campaign.
I will get your details put out to all of our active West Midlands Regional branch and sub-branch officials, who should in turn pass it on to their members at a local branch level via the net or at local branch meetings.
I shall also include a further article in the next edition of our branch magazine ‘Potters Bar’, which has a circulation of around 6,000. It is read by a very targeted readership of beer and pub loving enthusiasts and is being put together right now. It will include a link or directions to your website, like last time.
The electronic version will be available on the branch website after publication and we know is read by many more hundreds if not thousands of like minded souls.
At the end of the day it is up to individuals to step forward and take part but I am certainly doing my bit behind the scenes to raise the profile of the Auctioneers in as many areas as possible.

With best wishes and kindest regards to you all,

Steve Barton,
Chair, Staffs Moorlands CAMRA

Support from CAMRA

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