Caverswall Community Societies first AGM will take place on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 19:30hrs. The venue is yet to be confirmed. The meeting is for shareholders only.

The following documents are available on the members section on our website, all other business documents including the ones below, have been sent by post or email to each member. If you have not received these by email contact :-

  1. Notice of AGM (including Resolution submission form)
  2. Invitation to stand for Board of Directors
  3. Agenda
  4. Annual Report
  5. Duties of Directors

We encourage all members to read the documents prior to the AGM.  We intend to hold the meeting in the Auctioneers Arms however this depends on numbers therefore we respectfully ask that you confirm your intention to attend the AGM by return of email.


Brian Griffiths

Caverswall Community Society 1st AGM